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A twice annual physical exam is essential in keeping your pet healthy. Annual exams can help prevent medical problems before they become life threatening, and can also give your veterinarian a clearer picture of your pet's health. Senior pets may require more frequent check-ups. We may find illness that you may not have been aware of. Common conditions that may cause pain to your pet often without your awareness include diseases of the teeth, heart, liver and kidneys, not to mention infections and cancer. Our veterinarians recommend seeing your pet at least once every six months. 
Proper dental care is a large part of keeping your pet healthy. Regular teeth cleanings and dental check-ups can prevent periodontal disease (disease of the gums and supporting tissue of the teeth) and other dental problems before they affect your pet's overall health. We offer dental care counseling in addition to our regular cleaning services. We will also advise clients on how to best administer dental care at home. Please visit our Pet Care page for some helpful advice.
Each year, millions of pets wander from home and many are never found again. If your pet is lost, you can increase the chances of finding your companion by microchipping your pet. Microchipping is a simple, painless procedure that implants a small microchip under your pet's skin. (The microchip is about the size of a grain of rice.) Your pet's information is then registered in a national database, increasing the chances that your pet will return home if lost. 
Dental Care Teeth Cleaning
Wellness Exams and Vaccinations
Affordable Veterinary Clinic has always prided ourselves in providing our patients with the most current medicine and cutting edge technology. Surgery and anesthesia are always treated with the utmost respect in our practice. Our anesthetized patients are very closely monitored using continuous ECG, blood pressure and respiratory monitors as well as pulse oximetry. Anesthesia protocols are individualized for each patient to ensure the utmost safety.
Vaccinations are a critical component to preventive health. We tailor our vaccine recommendations to risk situations specific to each pet. We realize that each dog and cat is different, and so we determine each animal's vaccine requirements on an individual basis. Puppies and kittens must complete the initial series of core vaccines within their first six months; they must then receive boosters at one year of age. At your pet's wellness exam every six months, our veterinarians will determine what vaccines are necessary.